Embit launches the new EMB-LR1272 long range 868/915 MHz module

EMB-LR1272 is the first sub-1GHz Embit’s wireless module featuring the Semtech LoRa™ long range modem providing ultra-long range spread spectrum communication and high interference immunity on the 868/915 MHz radio band. It is also compatible with Wireless M-Bus EN 13757-4 specifications (S/T/R/C modes).


It is based on Semtech SX1272 transceiver coupled with Atmel® ATSAMD20 MCU, equipped with up to 256 kBytes of FLASH memory and up to 32 kBytes of SRAM memory.

EMB-LR1272 can communicate with other devices through a wide range of serial interfaces: UART, I2C and SPI ports, several digital and analog I/O ports useful for the management of external devices and interfaces.

EMB-LR1272 firmware can be easily developed thanks to the Embit SDK, which is compliant with the Semtech LoRaMac protocol.


Transceiver: Semtech SX1272
Frequency: 863 ÷ 870 MHz / 902 ÷ 928 MHz
Maximum output power: up to +19 dBm
Maximum sensitivity: up to -137 dBm
Antenna: U.FL connector, GSG pcb pads