Products Overview

The development of short-range wireless networks requires several different devices, to cover all possible customer needs. Embit offers a comprehensive portfolio of wireless modules, wireless transceiversUSB dongles, firmware stacks, gateways and antennas that can be integrated with minimal effort in customer’s existing products.




The LoRaWAN® EMB-GW1301 gateway is an example of multi service upgradable platform designed to meet IoT and M2M scenarios. It enables LoRaWAN® connectivity to the cloud, providing a cost effective solution for IoT wireless infrastructure.



20180420_102534Development Kits

All the Embit Modules come with a dedicated Development kit, allowing customers to develop their own IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee, LoRaWAN®, Wireless M-Bus application. The kit includes Evaluation board exposing most of the Embit module’s features and many interfaces for a fast development-deploy-debugging cycle.




Technical support (both hardware and software/firmware) is available on all Embit products.

Embit products have been used in many different scenarios thanks to their unmatched performances and to their industrial-proven reliability.