169 MHz
Wireless M-Bus
evaluation kit

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  • Description

    EMB-WMB169PA-EVK contains all hardware and software tools required to get started with Embit 169MHz EMB-WMB169PA modules.

    The kit is available in two variants: FULL and LIGHT. The FULL variant provides 4 evaluation boards, the USB JTAG programming interface, the Embit Wireless M-Bus SDK, documentation and a sample application (wireless pulse counter). This variant of the kit allows you to develop your own W-MBus compliant application and to download your software on Embit EMB-WMB169PA modules, by means of Texas Instruments’ programmer, included in the kit.

    The LIGHT variant contains 2 boards (no user programming capabilities).

  • Contents

    The kit includes:

    • 1 EMB-AN169-001 Antenna with Ground Plane
    • 2 USB Cables for PC connection

  • Documentation

    Short datasheet: EMB-WMB169PA-EVK.pdf

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