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  • Description

    EMB-ZRF231PA-EVK is the evaluation kit dedicated to the EMB-ZRF231PA. The kit allows you to develop your own 802.15.4-based, ZigBee-based or Atmel® LightWeight Mesh-based application; the firmware can then be downloaded and debugged on Embit EMB-ZRF231PA modules, by means of the Atmel® Dragon programmer, included in the kit.

    The evaluation boards provided in this kit expose most of the EMB-ZRF231PA module’s features, and, thanks to their many interfaces (USB, RS232, JTAG, etc), allows for a fast development-deploy-debugging cycle.

  • Contents

    The kit includes:

    • 1 Embit programmer adapter
    • 4 Batteries

  • Documentation

    Short datasheet: EMB-ZRF231PA-EVK.pdf

  • Ordering Information

    Part number: EMB-ZRF231PA-EVK

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