169 MHz
Wireless M-Bus ready
transceiver module



  • Description

    EMB-TRX169PA is a 169MHz wireless transceiver module, “Wireless M-Bus N mode” ready.
    EMB-TRX169PA is conceived for high-volume, low-cost metering markets. It is a low power / high efficiency cost-effective radio module based on the CC1120 Sub-1GHz transceiver from Texas Instruments.

    It can operate with the Embit Wireless M-Bus Stack, supporting EN 13757-4:2013 mode N protocol standard or with proprietary wireless protocols; note that the EMB-TRX169PA does not include an MCU (it is a transceiver module) so that the MCU of the host board can be used to run the firmware stack to communicate with the EMB-TRX169PA.


    Notable features include:

    • cost-optimized transceiver module
    • output power can be increased up to +27 dBm (500 mW)
    • sensitivity up to -122 dBm
    • extremely reduced power consumption (suitable to long battery life applications)
    • together with the Embit Wireless M-Bus Stack the EMB-TRX169PA is compliant to the standard EN 13757-4:2013
    • satisfies all requirements imposed by the Italian Gas Metering market regulations

  • Technical Specifications
    • Frequency: 169.400 – 169.475 MHz
    • Modulation: FSK, GFSK, MSK, ASK, OOK
    • Output power (MAX): +27dBm
    • Sensitivity: -122dBm
    • Based on TI CC1120
    • Form factor: 26 x 16 mm
    • Power consumption (standby): <1µA
    • Supply voltage: 3.3V

  • Documentation
  • Ordering Information

    Part number:

    • EMB-TRX169PA/S (EMB-TRX169PA with integrated SAW filter)
    • EMB-TRX169PA/B (EMB-TRX169PA without integrated SAW filter)

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