2.4 GHz
and 802.15.4-ready


  • Description

    EMB-Z2530PA is a 2.4 GHz low-power wireless module capable of operating in 802.15.4 or ZigBee networks as a coordinator, router or end device. The module features an integrated PA and LNA that increase the link budget and thus increase the communication range. An integrated PCB antenna makes the module a low-cost solution, removing costs typically associated with external antenna mounting.

    Notable features include:

    • output power up to +20 dBm (100 mW)
    • RF sensitivity up to -100 dBm
    • integrated PCB antenna or uFL connector option
    • open platform

    The EMB-Z2530PA modules ship programmed with EBI-802.15.4 which allows the customer to use the modules as a simple, ready-to-use modem (using AT-like commands over UART; see EBI protocol page for more information). The evaluation kit EMB-Z2530PA-EVK is strongly suggested to customers willing to develop their own firmware applications, since the kit provides all hardware tools required to download a custom firmware on the module. The IDE to be used depends on the chosen firmware stack. IAR Embedded Workbench is usually employed when working with the Z-Stack or TIMAC stacks.

  • Technical Specifications
    • Program memory: 256 kB
    • RAM: 8 kB
    • Output power (MAX): +20 dBm
    • Sensitivity: -100 dBm
    • Based on TI CC2530
    • Form factor: 29 x 22 mm
    • Power consumption (standby): 1.1 µA
    • Supply voltage: 3.3 V

  • Network Topologies Supported
    Topology Firmware stack Notes
    NetworkTopology-P2P-small TIMAC 802.15.4, TI ZStack  Supported also via UART commands, thanks to Embit EBI-802.15.4.
    NetworkTopology-Star-small TIMAC 802.15.4, TI ZStack  Supported also via UART commands, thanks to Embit EBI-802.15.4.
    NetworkTopology-Tree-small TI ZStack
    NetworkTopology-Mesh-small TI ZStack
  • Firmware Support

    Supported firmware stacks:

    Supported EBI variants:

    • Embit Binary Interface for IEEE 802.15.4 protocol: EBI-802154
    • Embit Binary Interface for ZigBee protocol: Contact us

    All the firmware stacks and the documentation is on the CD-ROM included in the Evaluation Kit.

  • Certifications

    EMB-Z2530PA wireless modules are

    CE certified (Europe)

    FCC certified (US): Z7H-EMB2530PA

    IC certified (Canada): 21487-EMB2530PA

    MIC certified (Japan): 003-160267

    KC certified (Korea): R-CRM-Emb-EMB-Z2530PA

    Additionally, EMB-Z2530PA wireless modules are ZigBee-ready.

    For more informations about certification of your final product (regarding both conducted and radiated emissions tests) and compliance with European regulations, you can contact us; indeed pre-compliance assistance is one of Embit services.

  • Documentation
  • Ordering Information

    Part number:

    • EMB-Z2530PA/IA (EMB-Z2530PA with integrated antenna)
    • EMB-Z2530PA/UL (EMB-Z2530PA with U.FL connector for external antenna)

    Note: EMB-Z2530PA modules ship programmed with EBI-802.15.4.

    For quotes, please use the quotation form or contact our sales area at .

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