Know-how and Technologies

Very often turning an idea into a product or find the most suitable solution to your problem may take long time, may be expensive and troublesome; this is especially true if that product / idea requires the use of the most modern and innovative wireless technologies.ring_transparent_background_v21-300x288Embit is your partner for comprehensive advice, design and support for everything concerning the world of short-range low-power wireless technologies and embedded systems (please see the overview of Embit services for more information).


In particular, Embit has the know-how which is required to combine the most modern short-range wireless technologies such as ZigBee®, IEEE 802.15.4W-MBUSBluetooth Low Enery (Bluetooth 4.0), LoRa® / LoRaWAN® and 6LowPAN within customer products. Our technical support is available to guide you in the right technology choice for your needs.

For every wireless radio protocol, Embit has one or more products that will help you getting started and that can be customized based on specific customer needs:

These technologies allow Embit to provide solutions in a wide range of application scenarios, such as home automationbiomedical, transportation and logistics.