Hardware Design

Specializing in the design of embedded systems with 8, 16, and 32 microcontrollers, the hardware division of Embit provides various design services, including embedded system, antenna design, and layout (e.g. multi-layer PCBs).

We provide you the following hardware services:

  • Analog and digital design (mainly focus on MCU and RF Transceivers)
  • Multi-layer PCBs layout (Analog and RF with care to the signal integrity)
  • Embedded systems design with 8, 16 and 32 MCUs
  • Systems design operating at 169 MHz, 868/915 MHz, 2.4 GHz
  • Antenna design and test
  • RF matching network design for receivers/transmitters/transceivers
  • Low consumption and silent power supply design
  • Development boards and prototypes to allow preliminary field tests.
  • Small (<1000) and large (>50.000) scale production


Every RF and hardware design undergoes an accurate test to evaluate the performances and the power consumption on account of proper simulation tools and laboratory equipment, such as:


  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • EMC Scanner
  • RF signal generators
  • Network Analyzer
  • EMC probes and cables 

Embit’s Laboratories are suitable for RF design (also for mass production) thanks to:

  • ESD-free environment
  • Presence of climate chamber (-40°C up to +180°C)
  • Advanced assembly of SMT components (QFN, BGAs, etc.)
  • Wave soldering/reflow soldering
  • In-factory RF test on each piece


We offer you support for every need, from design to mass production.

Our care for hardware design and layout and the products quality are guaranteed by the CE Certification (and also FCC Certification for some modules).

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