Wireless Modules

All Embit modules share the “embedded microsystem” philosophy: the microcontroller inside the module is open so that the customer can develop his own firmware. Alternatively, the Embit wireless modules can be used as “flexible modems” using AT-like commands (over UART, see EBI page for more information):

Furthermore, all Embit modules are designed to be interchangeable with each other: they are all pin-to-pin compatible and with the same form-factor.

Other features common to all Embit modules are:
– U.FL connector for external antennas (all)
– pads for RF routing to customer PCB antennas (EMB-Z2538PA, EMB-WMBx)
– EDGE connector for easier welding on the customer’s board (all)

These features allow the customer to keep the host board hardware, firmware and software unaltered and in any case guarantee compatibility with future Embit modules. This is what we call “Embit flexibility”.

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