Smart City

Embit offers real support to all companies that need experience and assistance in the wireless, low-power and RF sectors to develop innovative solutions.

Since global population and technological changes are expanding at full speed, this leads to an increasing consumption of resources in terms of energy, water, oil, natural gas and so on. Smart Cities are facing non-ending urbanization challenges.

Through the rising employment of Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and further applications concerning ICT, people can get involved in these ecosystems by means of smartphones, connected cars and home appliances; whereas communities can focus on ameliorating energy distribution, reducing traffic congestion and enriching air quality.

The main general purposes are:

  • enhacing knowledge and innovation;
  • reducing costs and resources usage;
  • promoting smart living and working environments;
  • increasing communication between governments and citizens.

Embit is an ideal partner that can provide appropriate components and services to actualize these inventive solutions.

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