who we are

Embit offers real support to all companies that need experience and assistance in the wireless, low-power and RF sectors to develop innovative solutions.

Being born as an academic spin-off of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Embit became a company in 2004, with an aim to act as a bridge between university research and local industries.

This academic footprint has always allowed us to invest in research and innovation since the dawn of the IoT, in order to bring these ideas into reality. Over time, the ideas turned into practical solutions that bring about a remarkable contribution into industrial market.

RF embedded micro systems has been the backbone of our entire research and design activities. If in academic studies, they were described as a technology of the future, with us, they not only have become a reality but also the core business of our company.

Besides, Embit is one of the few Italian companies who offer tailor-made RF design services, support customers through the implementation and production of custom solutions with high technological content.

Having a solid foundation of RF experience, we offer the best solutions to turn customers’ ideas into products that make your projects successful and secure, shortening time to market.

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