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Embit offers real support to all companies that need experience and assistance in the wireless, low-power and RF sectors to develop innovative solutions.

Embit offers a pragmatic and practical support to all companies that need expertise and assistance in wireless, low-power and RF fields to develop innovative solutions resulting from the combination of the most modern digital radio technologies with the latest generation of embedded systems.

Embit has an established design team, composed of engineers and PhDs with expertise in electronics, telecommunications and information technology.
The dosed alchemy skills of Embit’s staff guarantees its clients efficient solutions and brings innovation in the field of wireless embedded systems.

The knowledge of our experienced designers team  guarantees customers efficient and innovative solutions. The lifecycle of the product development is supported in all its phases, from the conception of the product to its realization:

  • Feasability study;
  • Design;
  • Prototyping;
  • Test and Diagnostics;
  • Certification;
  • Production and Deployment.

Product development lifecycle

From idea to product


We appreciate every idea comes with you. We can provide a wireless solution to any request. We study your needs and we put the best effort in order to actualize your projects.


Our R&D department is well trained to face every challenge. Thanks to our simulation and design tools we are able to implement the best solution to meet your requirements.


Once we assure that the project design meets our expectations, we will assemble the preliminary product for your wireless idea. With the technological support of our advanced laboratories, we are able to stress and improve the DUT (Device Under Test) in every possible direction: power radiation, power dissipation, firmware debug, precise measurements, various software simulations, mechanical tests, hardware re-design (if needed).


All our products meet the legal requirements indicated by the CE standards (or FCC for US market).


After the product certification, we can finally manufacture your product in our avant-garde production site. It doesn’t matter where you are, our solutions and our care can reach you worldwide.

Hardware Design

Specializing in the design of embedded systems with 8, 16, and 32 microcontrollers, the hardware division of Embit provides various design services, including embedded system and antenna design, and layout (e.g. multi-layer PCBs).

Software & Firmware

The software division of Embit provides the customer with products equipped with a wide range of firmware applications and software tools that facilitate the use of the products themselves. For example, all wireless modules are supplied with firmware that implements the EBI protocol.

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