Antenna Design & Simulation

We put at your service all our RF expertise and experience

Thanks to our RF laboratory and our RF design tools, we can provide you matched network PCBs and antenna designs.

As for each of our product, we perform detailed simulations and tests by means of our advanced lab equipment, such as spectrum analyzer, network analyzer and EMC scanner.


One of the our most important laboratory equipment is the EMC Scanner.

It captures and displays visual images of spectral and spatial scan results in just few seconds. Every PCB design can be easily scanned to identify both constant and time-based emission sources in the range of 150 kHz to 8 GHz.

The patented scanner consists of 1,218 magnetic probes (H-field) spaced every 7.5 mm into an electronically switched array, which provides an effective 3.75 mm resolution.

Our EMC scanner provides a very precise measurement of PCBs and antennas radiation patterns.


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