New EMB-TRX169PA low-cost transceiver module

The EMB-TRX169PA is a 169MHz transceiver module which is wireless M-Bus “N MODE” ready.

It is a low power / high efficiency cost effective radio module based on CC1120 Sub-1GHz transceiver from Texas Instruments. It can operate with the Embit Wireless M-Bus Stack, supporting FprEN 13757-4:2013 mode N protocol or proprietary wireless protocols.
The stack runs on the host board MCU (multiple platforms supported), interfacing via a SPI port and a few GPIO lines. All RF critical components (oscillator, matching circuitry, etc.) are included and pre-tested, ready for a seamless integration.

The EMB-TRX169PA satifies all requirements imposed by the Italian Gas Metering market requirements (Comitato Italiano Gas – CIG).


Transceiver: TI CC1120
Frequency: 169 Mhz
Power amplifier: yes
Maximum output power: up to +27 dBm
Maximum sensitivity: up to -122 dBm
Antenna: u.FL connector, pads on edge connector
Firmware: fully compatible with Embit Wireless M-Bus Stack