Software DESIGN

Embit’s software division provides customers with products equipped with a wide range of firmware applications and software tools that facilitate the use of the products themselves. For example, all wireless modules come with firmware that implements the EBI protocol.

We develop software tools for both the testing phase and for customers. In particular, Embit’s software engineers can respond to different customer needs:

  • Software development for Linux-based platforms
  • Software porting to 32-bit embedded systems:
    • Webserver application
    • Network service daemons
    • Proprietary applications
  • Driver development for standard or proprietary interfaces
  • Network application development:
    • TCP/IP services
    • Definition and development of communication protocols
    • Development of ad-hoc algorithms
  • Realization of security (both wired and wireless networks)
  • Realization of graphic interfaces (GUIs)

Embit’s software and firmware department uses different programming languages: C, C++, C#, and Java.




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