Firmware services

Embit offers real support to all companies that need experience and assistance in the wireless, low-power and RF sectors to develop innovative solutions.

The expertise of our company lies in the firmware and software department. Each module delivered is pre-programmed with the EBI protocol.

Our firmware services include the development of:

  • Ad-hoc network protocols for specific customer requirements.
  • Application layers on IEEE 802.15.4, W-MBus network protocols.
  • ZigBee-compliant networks.
  • Interface layers with standard hardware resources.
  • Systems based on FreeRTOS.
  • Systems protected by AES.

The most significant effort of our firmware team is represented by proprietary stacks:

  • DALI sonLoRa®
  • EMBIT Wireless M-bus
  • EBI: Embit Binary Interface

Expertise in programming languages: C, C++, C#, and Java.

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