Hardware Design

Embit offers several hardware services:

  • Design of analog & digital devices, with focus on low-power microcontroller & RF transceiver solutions
  • Layout of multi-layer PCBs, with focus on analog & RF layouts where signal integrity is critical
  • Development of prototype boards & pre-series for on-field tests
  • Production in medium volumes (>1k pieces) & high volumes (>50k pieces)

Specialized in the design of embedded systems with 8, 16 and 32 bit microcontrollers, the hardware division provides comprehensive support for every need in design and in-series production of electronic devices. The outstanding RF and low-power features of Embit products derive, first of all, from a careful hardware design and hardware layout. The high-quality of Embit hardware products is proved by the CE certification available on all wireless modules (several Embit modules are also FCC certified).

The detailed list of design services that Embit provides to his customers is:


  • Matching network design for RF transmitters/receivers/transceivers
  • Design of systems operating at 169 MHz, 868/915 MHz, 2.4 GHz
  • Design and test of antennas
  • Low-power and low-noise power supply design
  • 8, 16 and 32-bit embedded system design

Regarding the design of RF systems, such stage is supported by the use of simulation tools, that have been successfully employed to predict system performances and power consumption.

A list of the wireless technologies supported by Embit is available on this page.

The prototyping phases take place in Embit laboratories, which are equipped with the RF instrumentation that is required in order to perform pre-production tests and pre-certification tests. In particular, Embit RF test equipment include:

  • Spectrum analyzers (e.g., Agilent MXA N9020A)
  • RF signal generators (e.g., Rohde&schwarz SMBV100A)
  • Network analyzers (e.g., HP 8563A)
  • EMC probes & cables
  • EMC immunity and emissions test antennas

Other Embit test equipment include a climatic chamber (-40º to +180º C). To avoid damages from electrostatic shocks, all Embit labs are ESD-free:


 Regarding the in-series production, Embit supports a wide range of manufacturing technology including:

  • advanced SMT component (QFN, BGAs, etc) assembly
  • reflow/wave soldering
  • in-factory MCU programming
  • in-factory RF test on each piece

In particular, it is important to note that every single device produced by Embit undergoes a full-suite of RF tests to ensure its correct operation, before it is shipped to the customer.