Software & Firmware Design

Embit expertise in embedded systems is reflected in the skills of the firmware & software department. Indeed every Embit product ships with a large collection of firmware applications and software tools that help getting started quickly. For example, all wireless modules ship with firmware implementing the EBI protocol.

Firmware services offered by Embit include the development of:

  • ad-hoc network protocols covering specific customer needs (e.g., network protocols specifically suited to high-throughput networks, large & distributed networks, etc);
  • application layers over IEEE 802.15.4, WMBUS network protocols;
  • ZigBee-compliant networks (composed by coordinators, routers and low-power end devices);
  • interface layers to standard hardware resources: analog/digital converters (ADCs), external memories, etc;
  • aggressive low-power applications, exploiting microcontroller and RF transceivers ultra-low power modes;
  • FreeRTOS-based systems;
  • AES-secured systems;

Together with firmware services, Embit develops software tools both for testing and for end users. In particular, the skills of the software division of Embit cover a large spectrum of possible requests:


  • software for Linux-based embedded platforms;
  • software porting to 32-bit embedded systems:
    • webserver applications
    • network service daemons
    • proprietary applications
  • driver development for standard or proprietary interfaces;
  • network application development:
    • TCP/IP Services
    • Definition and development of communication protocols
    • Development of ad-hoc network algorithms
  • Security implementation (wired and wireless networks);
  • Implementation of graphical user interfaces (GUIs);

The skills of Embit firmware and software department cover several programming languages: C, C++, C# and Java.