On January 30-31 Embit presented its LoRaWAN® module with the embedded secure element (ATECC608A-TNGLORA), pre-provisioned with The Things Industries authentication keys, at The Things Conference (Amsterdam -The Netherlands): EMB-LR1276S-T

When it comes to IoT, security must be taken into account. It is essential to protect devices’ connection and enable users/customers to deploy secure connected applications on networks. It is known that vulnerability is one of the main issues of connectivity as network and application server keys usually remain accessible in modules memory. 

To overcome vulnerability, Embit exploits Microchip ATECC608A-TNGLORA capacity to deliver a small secure LoRaWAN® module, EMB-LR1276S-T, with embedded TTI authentication keys. Every time EMB-LR1276S-T TTI configured module is switched on, it joins The Things Industries joint server which proves that the identity belongs to a secure device. As a result, the devices ID is proved and confirmed, and the security of the network is increased.

EMB-LR1276S-T TTI configured module is a ready-to-use solution: 

It reads its keys from the secure element;
It sends join request to LoRaWAN® network server;
The network server contacts the TTI joint server to verify devices identity – as a result, fraudulent devices are not able to join!
Temporary session keys are sent securely to the network server and application server of choice.
Please note that devices LoRaWAN® secret keys remain isolated from the system so that sensitive keys are never exposed throughout the supply chain.

Possible application fields could be Smart City and SmartHome, Smart Agriculture or Smart Data Management.