Wireless M-Bus

Embit Wireless M-Bus Stack


Embit Wireless M-Bus Stack is a firmware stack compliant to the standard EN 13757-4:2013 for metering applications (gas, water, energy, …), entirely developed by Embit. The Wireless M-Bus standard specifies the physical and MAC layers for very low-power, long battery life devices and is becoming widespread in Europe for automatic meter reading (AMR).

Embit Wireless M-Bus Stack is provided as a firmware library, on top of which the customer application can be developed. Embit Wireless M-Bus Stack provides an implementation for the physical layer, the data link layer, the network layer and also an application-support layer. The following image shows how the stack is organized:

Embit Wireless M-Bus Stack supports S, T, R, C modes for the 868 MHz band and the N mode for the 169 MHz band. In addition, custom radio channels are available for different applications, with more advanced features like LBT (listen before talk) or ultra low power reception mode.
Its scalability and flexibility enables specific customizations and makes it easily portable on different silicon architectures.

The application-support layer provided by the stack allows the user to implement any higher-level protocol, like the DLMS, CTR or EN13757-3 ones.

The physical layer of the Embit Wireless M-Bus Stack supports several architectures:

Together with the  Wireless M-Bus Stack, Embit also provides a PC software sniffer that can be used to easily debug your application or to perform simple site surveys on the field.
Such software can be used together with any Embit evaluation board (e.g., those shipped with Embit EVKs) or with USB dongles of the EMB-WMB module family.


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