The Things Conference – Amsterdam, Netherlands

On 31/01 and 01/02/2019 Embit is going to attend The Things Conference in Amsterdam as partner of the event. The Things Conference is the largest LoRaWAN conference and it brings together LoRaWAN experts from all over the world.

During the conference Embit is going to present its new 1 pence-size module EMB-LR1276S (11.5×11.5mm). The module is based on the newest Microchip SAMR34 SiP, that will be presented by Microchip in Amsterdam as well.

During the event PhD. Fabio Bonizzi (founder of Embit) and Eng. Alberto Marri will lead a 20 minutes-long workshop about how to configure your own LoRaWAN end-node and set up your own LoRaWAN network.
We are really looking forward to being part of such a great and important event!

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